Hire right! Tips on Hiring the right Pro!

Versofy is here to connect you to local, reliable suppliers.

Look a little deeper

We always urge clients to do some research on the suppliers before making a hiring decision. Versofy serves to facilitate the introduction as well as provides as much information as possible in order to enable the client to make an educated decision. Make sure you take a look at the supplier’s Versofy profile, as well as the website, social media sites and any other material they have shared.

Ask Questions
Once numerous quotes have been received from suppliers, make sure you ask all the relevant questions regarding your project. Suppliers have paid to bid on the work so they are already invested in completing the job, but it is always a good idea to be clear on expectations and ideas. Asking more questions mitigates the risk further down the road, so do yourself a favour and dig a little deeper.

Check out their Profile

Check out their Versofy profile. Here you are able to see past projects, reviews, and ratings. The supplier profile will also give you more information about the supplier with things such as number of employees and years spent in the industry. Adding Licenses and Qualifications to their profile gives professionals the chance to demonstrate their expertise.

Reviews come in two different forms on Versofy, references and ratings. Ratings display the average rating a supplier received over the sum of their completed jobs. References refers to written client testimonials from completed jobs. We encourage professionals to solicit references from past clients to display on their Versofy profile as well as Verified References from jobs completed through Versofy.

Everyone loves pictures and they often speak more than a 1000 words. They allow a much better understanding of workmanship and ability so we strongly encourage suppliers to provide pictures for clients to review.

Verified by Versofy
A verified badge confirms that the supplier has conducted a background check through a third party on Versofy. The information gathered includes: Contact information including email address and phone number. Social media accounts that the Professional chooses to add to their Versofy profile. For limited companies we check business addresses and conduct basic business information checks for solvency and other key details. For sole traders we confirm personal details and other information. While we can check company information, we cannot always confirm that someone is the authorised representative of a company.

Confirm the project details

Provide all the info
We encourage clients to use our messaging system to learn more about a professional, get more detail about their bid, ask a question about their service, or come to an agreement and arrange the work to be done. In some instances, a face to face meeting will be required and we urge clients to complete their due diligence on suppliers through the Versofy profile and chat functions before such.

While our messaging system can facilitate reaching an agreement with a professional, what is discussed through this messaging is no replacement for a formal agreement and does not necessarily form a binding agreement. Always complete an agreement with the professional and read their terms carefully before signing anything.

Keep Copies
Verbal agreements are one thing but be sure to get a written contract or invoice from your supplier. Make copies and records of these contracts and payments and keep them to ensure both parties are under less risk.

Make an educated decision

You pay for what you get
Sometimes the lowest price is not going to be the best. A good deal is great to find but we would advise to ask for an explanation if there is a large difference in quoted prices.

Fools rush in
Take your time when making a hiring choice, ask questions and get a feel for the supplier you are looking to choose.

Ask for help if need
If an issue arises while your project is being completed, first attempt to resolve it with the supplier, which can often be successful. If you aren’t able to come to an agreement, please let us know.

Go with what feels right
Our mothers have always told us to trust our gut. Make sure you are completely comfortable that you have put in the time and effort in order to ensure you receive a great service and finished product.